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Terms and conditions


Terms and Provisions for Using Nazzek Website

Welcome to Nazzek Website which represents the market and the contact point between corporations, institutions. and people engaged in the trade of furniture, furnishings, accessories as well as their supplies, and the website users. Hereinafter are the terms and provisions of your use and access to Nazzek Website (Nazzekcom).

Your use of Nazzek Website shall be regarded as a consent to accept all clauses and provisions stipulated in this agreement as well as a confirmation of your commitment to respond to the content of the terms and provisions of Nazzek Website. Below are some definitions of the words used in these terms and provisions:

1- The Website: The intended website in these terms and provisions is Nazzek Website (

2- The User: The intended user in these terms and provisions is the person who subscribes to the website through which he obtains the service.

3- The Customer: The intended customer in these terms and provisions is the contracting corporation and the subscribers to

the website to sell their products of furniture, furnishings, accessories, and their supplies that contract with the website in order to market such products and goods.


4- The Goods: The intended goods in these terms and provisions is the corporation’s products and displays such as household furniture, furnishings, accessories, and their supplies.

First: How the Website Works:

1- The website is a contact point (a mediator) linking between users and customers in the website through enabling users from

identifying and purchasing their needs of furniture, furnishing.

accessories, and their supplies via the website.

2- The goods value, which the user requires from the customer, shall be paid via the website or through the delegates,

determined by the website administration, to receive the value. The website shall be liable for delivering the goods value to the customer.

3- When submitting the application for registration

in the website, the user shall be required to disclose specific information as well as select user name and password to use them for accessing the website.

4- As a user, you shall be liable to maintain using Nazzek Website with the utmost seriousness and honesty. You also shall be committed to compensating the website for any losses or damages caused by any illegal or unauthentic use of your account whether it has been done by your side or by someone else who has gotten the password to access your account.

5- The website shall be fully entitled to suspend or cancel your account on the website with retaining his right to claim compensation for any damages caused by you.

6-In case the user refuses to receive the goods purchased via the

website, he shall be committed to paying the delivery value.

Second: fees and Expenses

When using Nazzek website, no fees shall be paid by the user other than these relating to the payment of the purchased goods value by the customer subscribed to the website in addition to the delivery fees in case the order is completed via the website.

Third: Liability for the Content

  • A large part of the content offered on Nazzek website shall be related to household furniture, furnishings, accessories, and their supplies (the content of the page). This content is not approved by the website; therefore, every subscribed customer shall be responsible for his page and what is displayed on it in terms of both quality and value.
  • The user shall acknowledge that the actual relation shall be between him and the customer and the website shall not be liable for any disputes occurring between both parties whether in terms of the quality of the goods purchased from the customer or the way However, the user shall be entitled to file a complaint the website administration for resolving or settling it with the subscribed customers of the website.

Fourth: Erroneous or Unauthorized Transactions:

1- If you think, as a user, that there is an error or unauthorized transaction on your account, kindly informs us, side by side, of the details of the purchasing process that has been made, and they will be fully investigated. We will respond to you as soon as possible. You also shall have the right to object the transactions of our website which are collected by your credit card or debit card (such as Master Card or Visa Card) with the bank that you deal with. If you have such a transaction, you shall contact the bank to get more information.

Fifth: Intellectual Property

All Intellectual Property rights are owned by Nazzek website; and no one shall have the right to abuse them. Otherwise, he will make himself legally accountable.

Sixth: Privacy

We, as (, shall not be entitled to use or disclose the user's private information to any other parties unless this disclosure or use is essential to fulfil his obligations (paying the goods value or the delivery value in case he refuses delivery) under this agreement. It may be agreed otherwise between us and the user in a written from, or what is required by law.

Seventh: Your Use of Nazzek Website

Through using Nazzek Website, you can:

  • Purchase your needs needs of household furniture, furnishings, accessories, and their supplies that will be delivered to you at home. Moreover, all goods purchased via the website delivered to you within the term mentioned on the purchase page before completing the purchase process via the website depending on your place of residence provided that the delivery date will be specified according to the address of the user; and the price shall be paid and inclusive of delivery and installation.


2- In case you choose to deliver you purchased goods via Nazzek website, the website shall be committed to delivering it to you within the period mentioned on the purchase page provided that

you shall be committed to paying the delivery value determined by Nazzek website when completing the order depending on your place of residence in Kuwait.

 Eighth: Cancellation of the Order and the Right of Replacing the Goods:

  • The user shall be entitled to cancel the order two days before the date of the goods delivery and recover its value after deducting the value of administrative expenses of transferring the amounts that he paid as the value of the goods.
  • The user shall be entitled to return the goods purchase

          Via the website within 14 days of the purchase date provided that the returned goods shall be of the same condition they were in upon delivery. Moreover, the delivery value shall be deducted from the recovered amount.

  • In case you order the goods (Custom made), you shall not be entitled to cancel the order if the customer (the seller) undertakes preparing the goods specifically required by you.

Ninth: Guarantees and Limits of Liability:

  • The clauses of this agreement shall ensure the rights of the user in addition to other guarantees under the legal guarantees set out in Consumer Protection Laws.
  • Nazzek website shall not be liable for the page of every customer subscribed to the website. Instead, the customer shall be full liable for it. Moreover, the website shall not be liable for the way of dealing between the subscribed customer and users or for the goods and products displayed by him on the website. Thus, this application is just a mediator between the two parties.
  • These terms and provisions shall be subject the valid laws in Kuwait.

We have the right to amend these clauses.

Nazzek website has the right to amend provisions for using all or some of them through publishing an update version on the website. Continuity to use your site in the following of any amendments shall refer to your consent to the, In case this amendment has a harmful impact on you but required under law, or necessary for technical or security reasons, we will provide you with a prior notice three days before the amendment.