Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I purchase items online ?  

        Yes. There are multiple ways to make a purchase; through our website, mobile app, WhatsApp messages, email, Instagram direct messages or phone call.

  1.  Is there a warranty on the products sold?  

         Some of items do have a warranty. It is mentioned in the product description along with how long the warranty runs.

  1. Can I buy products over the phone, for delivery?

Yes you can, just call us or you can simply send the product photo, name and address to order it.

4.     Where is the Nazzek store located?

       The Nazzek company is based in Kuwait. However, we do not have a store. Nazzek is an online retailer which facilitates home furnishing shopping through the website and mobile apps. We showcase products from more than 40 stores, manufacturers, craftsmen and artisans. If you are looking for a specific item, send us a picture and we can ask them to create it for you.

5.     How can I make a purchase online?

       Click on the “Add to cart” or “buy now” buttons, underneath the product desired. Click on the shopping cart to complete the purchase.

Alternatively, you can send us a picture of the product you wish to buy through Whatsapp. We will ask you for your full name and address should you choose to purchase through Whatsapp. 

6.     Are the prices on the Nazzek website and application the same as the prices of the items in their stores?

        Yes. We try our best to ensure the same prices as our suppliers. If, by any chance, you find that the price is less at the retailer’s  own shop, please inform us. 

The prices online and in-store are the same. However, in some cases, we may have offers and discounts which we announce ahead of time through our Instagram account.

7.     Is it possible to cancel an online order?

        You can cancel at anytime before the shipping and handling of your order. However, if it is a custom made item, you may not cancel. A cancellation of custom made items can only be made in the case of a defect or a detail which was not agreed upon in the initial request.

8.     What if I changed my mind after receiving my online order?

        You can make a return by calling us. Find more details about returns through our Return policy on the website.

9.     Can I add to, or, change my current order?

        You can add to, or, adjust your online order. This does not apply to custom made items.

10.     How can I change my personal information?

        You can change your contact details, shipping address, and, date/time of delivery, by contacting our Customer Service department.  For further information, please refer to our Rules & Regulations.

11.     Need further help?

        Contact our Customer Service department.

12.     How can I see if the product is available?

        By clicking on the product wanted to view it’s details and information.

13.     How can I search for items on the Nazzek website?

  • Search : Use the search bar on the top left side of our website. Type in what you’re looking for and you will get your result along with other related items.
  • Filter: Choose the “Filter By” option on the category page to filter your result by price, color, store, or, sub-category.

14.   Can I order custom products?

Yes, you can, send the requested product, with his measurements and a blank

15.   Do you cooperate with interior designers?

We will nominate some designers for you and you choose the most suitable for you, just call our phone numbers to know your request.

16.   What are the payment methods?

Cash, K-Net or prepaid cards

17.   Can I participate as a shop or producer?

Yes you can. Contact us on the company’s email or phone, and we will get in touch with you to know more about your products types and quality.